Hidden Delights


From top, Coker College Professors Jen Borgo and Ken Maginnis at a rated dressage show in Camden, S.C., June 15-16.

During this summer’s “free” time, Jen Borgo’s to-do list is long and complex.  It includes teaching, mentoring students, biology research, planning for the honors program, competitive dressage, animal protection advocacy and pumpkin carving (well, she’s probably not carving pumpkins this month, but she will be soon enough), and more…

Jen’s interests and skills may be varied, but her desire to excel is as consistent as fine Belgian chocolate.

Joyfully beaming, Jen and Payne (whose equine expression seems inscrutable, actually) are pictured on the July cover of “Tracking Up,” the newsletter of the South Carolina Dressage & Combined Training Association.  Last month she was welcomed to the organization’s board of directors, and June 15-16 Jen competed in her first rated dressage show along with her talented faculty colleague Ken Maginnis whose Facebook post suggests it was a good show all around: “61.1%…finally broke the rated show barrier!”

Today, in honor of freedom and horses, hidden talents and that competitive drive to learn and improve, I’ve made oatmeal cookies filled with Hershey’s milk chocolate, an American treasure.

Come and get ’em!

(Happy Independence Day!)

2 Comments on “Hidden Delights

  1. did not know Jen had the cover of the newsletter — such a great cookie invitation — sure beat the blog I had in mind this morning and you have it up so early.


  2. Thanks! I had coffee with Jen on Monday — it had been waaay too long. The cookies turned out pretty well. Come and get ’em.


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