Favorite New York Sights… the sweet black-and-whites

blackandwhiteThis week Professor Sara Odom wrote to me to let me know that she has a new book being released by Tate Publishers on August 13.   The fifth in her Gram Series, Lost in New York City is the story of Barrett and his family’s visit to some of the most famous sites in New York City.

Congratulations, Sara!

Although I’m not at all sure that I’d be able to guess what will be on Barrett’s itinerary, if I were directing the tour, I’d be sure to take the gang to a shop near the New York Times, which is where I first saw and tasted and loved a cookie that some consider to be an iconic New York City confection. It was my first experience with a black-and-white.  My discovery occurred in a deli near the old New York Times building (soon to be Yahoo’s home), but, luckily for me, the new New York Times building (which opened in 2007) has a Dean & Deluca that serves black-and-whites, too.

Today’s cookies were made, as best I could, following a recipe from Brown Eyed Baker’s site because the recipe looked a little bit simpler and more chocolaty than the formula offered by former Times restaurant critic William Grimes.  Mr. Grimes’ version was published along with a tribute, of sorts, to Jerry and Elaine’s “look to the cookie” conversation about race relations and to the passing of the beloved Seinfeld series.

I hope my cookies will sit better with you than the less peaceable cookie that poor Jerry consumed.

Come and get ’em!

Well, actually, since the office is closed today, if you’d like some of this morning’s offering, you’ll have to let me know.  I intend to make a few deliveries around town beginning at about 2 p.m.  First requested, first delivered, while supplies last.  Happy Friday.

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