Moving Pleasures

I’m not in the office today.  Instead, today I’m working to get my new house ready (mostly cleaning and painting) for move-in day, which is Monday.

Calling the place new, though, is a little bit like calling molasses crinkles trendy.

My “new” house, hasn’t been new since molasses was the most popular sweetener in the U.S. , and I expect the house was never trendy. It is a two-bedroom arts and crafts cottage in Oakdale (a.k.a. Mill Village, which yesterday the plumber called”Mill Hill”), a neighborhood close to the college and downtown. And, like my favorite cookies, for me the “nothing fancy” house promises an ideal pleasure: a place to serve homemade food to my friends.  It has a nice, big kitchen and a friendly front porch, and I can’t wait for company to come.

Cathy came to see the new carpet being installed yesterday, and she became my first visitor.   Today’s molasses crinkles (which I’ve left in my office and in the Administration Building, as usual) are drizzled with white chocolate, because I think that’s the way Cathy likes them best.

Come and get ’em!

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