A Near Miss and More Math Than is Appropriate for this Cook at 5 a.m.


Good morning, Would-be Cookie Eaters,

I’m embarrassed to say that this morning’s offering started out badly. My intentions were good, but my attention was not.  Somewhere among the early hour, the new house (which I LOVE, by the way), the fact that I don’t know what I put where, and that I’m heading out of town this afternoon and hadn’t yet packed, I left my memory and my good sense.

The first pan-full rolled “funny,” but I baked them anyway. It wasn’t until the second pan-full that I understood my error.  I’d forgotten half of the the fat (the Crisco half). So… I melted what I guessed would be the portion of the Crisco that ought to be added to the remaining dough (a little more than two-thirds of a batch), let it cool just a little, so that I wouldn’t melt the chocolate chips before the cookies were baked, stirred it into the dough and hoped for the best. Since I rarely measure the Crisco, beyond trying to make my scoop look about the same as a generous half-cup (if you’re making cookies to give away, it’s right to be generous, right?), it’s pretty tough to guess what a little more than two-thirds of that darned blob ought to look like.

My new theory is this:  within reasonable bounds, it doesn’t matter too much. Put in some butter and some Crisco, and the cookies will probably turn out pretty well.

Anyway, about two-thirds of a batch of chocolate chip cookies are split about evenly between the plate in the Brown House and the plate in Drengaelen House.

Come and get ’em!

Happy Friday!

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