Happy Anniversary Coker People

BlueRibbonCookingAnniversaries inspire me. They remind me that it’s possible for good things to last, and so they encourage me to persist as well.

Today is sort of a reverse 25th anniversary, but for me it serves a similar good. Twenty five years ago, exactly, Clemson’s Seed Certification Department finished inspecting the last crop of cotton produced by Coker’s Pedigreed Seed Company.

The Department’s “good-bye” letter said this:

“Coker’s Pedigreed Seed Company will always be remembered as synonymous with quality, service, honesty and integrity.  We are grateful for the privilege of having known and worked with Coker people.  They will always be special to us.”

It’s a beautiful assertion, a sincere and honest assessment — soft and pure as cotton ready for harvest.  Today, I can personally celebrate, as this assertion is my hope as well.”

So, in this hopeful, holiday frame-of-mind, to choose today’s cookie, I turned to a cookbook that I ordered from Amazon especially for this day. Published 25 years ago in August, “Blue Ribbon Cookies,” features, according to its cute, red and white paper cover, “100 of the most mouth-watering, award-winning recipes from America’s state, county and local fairs.”

iceboxcookiesmallToday’s cookie is my attempt at a prize-winning entry at the Orangeburg County Fair by Beth Raptis of Orangeburg, S.C.

I’ve never tried Beth’s Ice Box Cookies, but they looked simple enough.  With a half-pound of butter, they ought to be fabulous.

I hope you’ll love them.

Come and get ’em!

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