A Would-Be Cookie Eater’s Bill of Rights

flagdaycookiesOffered in honor of Constitution Day.

  1. Freedom to express anything about the cookies (although not about the cook). She shall be held harmless in perpetuity.
  2. Right to defend your cookie-eating habits however you think best.  Bare arms work fairly well, but if you need extra help, feel free to employ a bear or two.
  3. Right to treat the cook well.
  4. Freedom from would-be cookie thieves.
  5. Right to deny cookie-based associations or even the presence of cookie products in one’s reasonably closed mouth. Bulging cheeks stretched over immensely satisfied silly grins could mean any number of things.
  6. Right to gobble as quickly as you desire.
  7. Right to explain the worthiness of your personal cookie practices to your friends and associates.
  8. Freedom from the impositions of those who would remove uneaten cookies from your table.  Appetites regularly return; it’s best to remain prepared.
  9. Right to claim more cookies for yourself than you had previously imagined.
  10. Unless overruled by disappointingly valid regulations, the cook is queen.

P.S.  Today’s cookies are chocolate chip with white chocolate.

Come and get ’em!

2 Comments on “A Would-Be Cookie Eater’s Bill of Rights

  1. Barb, Thank you so much for your fun and easy to read Friday entries. And of course, thanks for GREAT cookies. Dee


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