The finer things

pecancookiesSadly, I’m afraid “the finer things” and my blog or my name or even my lovely cookies are not often pulled together in a “Google search,” (which seems, by the way, to be the new standard for how shockingly prominent a thing is. Would you have guessed, for example, that the term “moon shot” provided 191,000 results in my recent Google search”?).

What was I talking about?… oh yes, the “small step-giant leap” that describes this woman’s relationship to the finer things.

I cook all the time, but my cook wear came mostly from garage sales and my dishes are “Hometrends.” I love shoes, but my favorite pair in recent years had four-inch light grey heals, pink flowered straps and soles made of cardboard.  I wore them until the cardboard disintegrated.  I have a nice green car — pretty new — which I think (but would have to check to be sure) is a Toyota.

So… take this with a grain of salt, if you like, but the best way I know to make a good cookie really fine is to add toasted, buttery pecans. Why would we need to be thinking of fancy-ing up today’s cookies? Because this evening, tomorrow and Sunday Hartsville will be treated to some extraordinarily fine things, and I want you to be properly prepared.

At 3 this afternoon, sculptor JinMan Jo will visit the Cecelia Coker Bell Gallery to give a talk about his show (it is the last day of his exhibit here). The talk is free and open to the public, and I hope to attend.

Then, tomorrow, for the fourth year running, Coker is hosting the riders participating in the annual Bike MS: Breakaway to the Beach. The stop at Coker is from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the LITC parking lot.

Dee Peirce, who is Coker’s point person for the effort here, tells us that on average, 1,500 cyclists and 400 volunteers participate in the event each year, which benefits people living with multiple sclerosis in the Carolinas and throughout the United States.

Finally, the Hartsville-Coker Concert Association will present a concert by pianist Andreas Klein at 3 p.m. on Sunday in Watson Theater — another event I do not intend to miss.

So… it should be “small-step” obvious that this morning’s cookies needed to be special, and so I have made Salty-Sweet Butter Pecan cookies.  I hope you’ll love them.

There will be a plate in the Brown House, a plate in Drengaelen and another in the bookstore.

Come and get ’em.

Happy Friday.

2 Comments on “The finer things

  1. I look forward to your stories every Friday and of course, the GREAT cookies!! Thanks for the shout out about the MS lunch and the shout out for all the great other things happening at Coker College this weekend.


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