November Recipes


Good morning, Would-Be Cookie Eaters,

As many of you know, I have begun to plan for our annual Thanksgiving Dinner at the Boathouse. A week ago or so, I pulled out my notebook from last year to make decisions about this year’s menu. (Current plans, by the way, call for ditching last year’s macaroni and pimento cheese bites — they turned out pretty badly, horribly, actually.)

I love browsing through cookbooks — sometimes reading, mostly dreaming — always imagining that my version of things will be nice.

So today, on this warm November 1 morning, I pulled out my notebook again to review the recipes. It occurred to me that All Saints Day might be a nice day  for Christmasy snickerdoodles, and I know my recipe for snickerdoodles is in my Thanksgiving notebook.

Sadly, I discovered that I am out of cream of tarter, so snickerdoodles were nixed for today. My next thought was to make molasses crinkles ( mostly for Finn), and in this endeavor I discovered something it’s best not to forget.  Recipes are useful as directive devices. They’re not just for dreaming.

For example, had I imagined making a nice batch of ginger snaps this morning, maybe it would have been a good idea to short the flour and over bake. Rats! By now it’s 7:00 and I need to be to work early today, so my version of molasses-crinkle-ginger-snaps will have to do.  Sorry all!

Come and get ’em (anyway).

Happy Friday!

P.S.  Please try not to worry about Thanksgiving. I have 27 more days to improve my recipe-following skills, and I hope you’ll stop by to see how it works out.

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