It was a sunny week but we have rainbows anyway


It took some doin’, but with this morning’s light has come rainbows!

Yesterday morning, I’d never heard of rainbow cookies. But Steve and Mikey asked me to make them for today’s Friday Cookie offering.  So… off to I went. Next, I went to Walmart in search of almond paste (which I’ve also never used). I searched everywhere, sort of, and asked three different people in the store if the the store carried it. All three said it did not.

Next, before going to the college’s musical, I headed to Bi-Lo. Again, I looked and looked and found (and purchased) what I hoped might be a reasonable substitute, almond butter. At $11.50 for a 12 oz. jar, it ought to substitute for the whole batch of cookies! Unfortunately, it  turns out almond butter is not an adequate substitute for almond paste, so I headed back to the store after the show and looked again. This time, I found the real thing!

Two hours later (a little after midnight), the oddest-looking stack of crazy jam-filled layers were wrapped in plastic and being compressed by last year’s Southern Living annual and an old “Magic of Jell-O” cookbook.

Now, approximately a half-hour before I need to be at work, I am extremely proud to declare that rainbow cookies are on the way. I’m also happy to report that a good portion of the uneven edges have been properly disposed of (they were DELICIOUS!).

Come and get ’em!

Happy Friday!

One Comment on “It was a sunny week but we have rainbows anyway

  1. They sound amazing. You went to a lot of work to make them. And, that makes you a special friend.


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