Is It the News or the Story?

Good morning, Would-Be Cookie Eaters,

We baker-writers (or baker-would-be-writers) ask ourselves (when we’ve been up since 3 a.m.), why do people read about cookies early in the morning on Fridays? Is it the news — the useful, timely, and sometimes startling information we discover in silly Friday morning missives — or is it the lovely story through which the newsy tidbits are conveyed?

While I am not sure I know the difference between news and story, I know that I am not an objective inquirer.

The question reminds me of my second grade self-imposed scientific experiment: if I put a honeybee into a jar, and if in that jar I’d smeared Avon honeysuckle cream on one side and taped brightly colored construction paper on the other side, which enticement would inspire my bee prisoner most?  Where would the poor dear linger? This was information I believed would be quite helpful to my mother’s garden planning, since my dad also had a couple of honeybee hives at the back corner of the lot.

As an all grown-up baker-writer who has heard too many scared newspaper people whistling past graveyards and, in between their sing-songy tunes, stopping to explain that the news business will never pass so long as we have great storytellers, I have my opinion, which coincidentally aligns nicely with my hope.  I continue to believe that news draws readers more effectively than the packages do.

I hope this because I think real news — the challenging developments, the inspiring decisions, and the craziness that keeps things interesting — seems to be utterly unstoppable. I am afraid, though, that good storytelling, while still available, might be losing ground.

cookiesandrollsSo, today, I’ve held the news of my post for now, and I ask you to judge.

This morning, we have two treats positioned in the normal campus places:  chocolate chip cookies (with white chocolate) and homemade, yeast-baked cinnamon rolls (some with toasted pecans and some without).  Now that’s my idea of news!

Happy Friday,

Come and get em!

p.s.  My honeybee seemed to like the honeysuckle side.  Could be bees are drawn to scent, or it could be that the construction paper looked too stupid for any self-respecting prisoner to stand near.  I have no idea.  Science is not really my thing.

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