Good News!

doublechocolateMaybe it is mostly a matter of being a little bit sleep deprived. Or it might be the whelming tide of holiday shopping, non-negotiable year-end deadlines, and the barrage of sentimental messages and memory-triggering traditions that I impose on myself in December, but, good grief, there’s a lot to take in right now.

I don’t think it’s the “Christmas Spirit” — which ought to involve some version of happy excitement — but lately I’ve been feeling inadequate and unprepared. I see my own challenges most clearly, I’m sure. But it’s impossible not to also see the heavy loads that my friends and colleagues and acquaintances are carrying. How will we possibly manage?

When I shared my angst in an email this week (when you’re in the dark, it’s best to see if you can blow out the candles on your neighbor’s porch too, right?), my friend’s response was the definition of encouragement. I read it and immediately felt empowered. It wasn’t the season’s Gospel, but it was good news I could use.

“There is goodness in chocolate,” he said.  “Keep it coming.”

So on this busy Friday,
I know just what to say;

The cookies will go quickly;
They never seem to stay.

Go Tell It On The E-mail
Over the Facebook everywhere;
Go Tell It On The E-mail
That chocolate treats are here.

To be more specific, today’s cookies are chewy double chocolate chip cookies, drizzled with dark chocolate from Belgium (thanks, Patti).

Come and get ’em!

Happy Friday.

P.S.  Although I can hear my mother scolding, “Stop!! That’s a Hymn! You can’t wreck a Hymn!,” if she could hear me softly sounding out the syllables to be sure the rhyme is right, I’m sure she would realize I’m not trying to be bad. It’s an awfully pretty tune. Irresistible, really. I expect I’ll be whistling “Go Tell It On the Mountain” all day long. (Sorry neighbors, it’s not my fault.)

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