Snowing in South Carolina


I heard a rumor that our temps may approach 80 degrees this weekend, dashing the hopes of all but the most optimistic that we’ll see a white Christmas in Hartsville.

Gotta say, though, that this warm weather suits me just fine, holiday season or not.  It’s fantastic.  Even so, this morning’s cookies were intended to bring a flurry of snowy goodness to campus. I aspired to create beautiful, every-one-different white chocolate snowflakes on your molasses crinkles.

I think I succeeded in making no two cookies alike, but, alas, they only look like snow if you squint your eyes and imagine you’re in the back seat of the Chevy Chevette with two or three sisters, and your dad is driving home, up Kinter Hill Road in a blizzard, and you can hardly see the window, much less what’s outside.

But wait… the weather outside is NOT frightful this morning, and the cookies — molasses crinkles drizzled in white chocolate “snow” — are delicious!

Come and get ’em!

P.S.  I do realize that today is not Friday, but since the college is closed tomorrow, I’ve made an exception and baked anyway.  Happy Fursday.

2 Comments on “Snowing in South Carolina

  1. Those look so good. Do you have a good oatmeal raisin cookie recipe? I’m not finding one in my many cookbooks, believe it or not. I made Grandma Bennett’s peanut butter cookies today. Tomorrow, it’s chocolate chip, Grandma’s butter cookies & I’d like to make the oatmeal ones also. I’m going to NC to visit Sarah, her family & Amy is coming with her boys. My contribution is cookies. They are easy to travel with mainly. Have a Merry Christmas!!


  2. For oatmeal raisin, I just use the recipe on the inside of the Quaker oatmeal lid except I use about 1 cup and a half of raisins, more vanilla than is called for,
    and I use half butter and half shortening. Is Grandma’s butter cookie recipe in the family cookbook? I’d love to try them. It’s nice to think about you baking. Will you play the piano between taking cookies in and out of the oven? Mom used to do that, but it often meant that some of the cookies were a little “crispier” than I think she intended. Say hi to Sarah and all. Merry Christmas, Connie! Happy baking.


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