Three Steps to a Christmas Tray for Finn (and company)


Not surprisingly, I guess, this morning’s top assignment, before heading out to Julia’s house for Christmas dinner, was to bake some cookies. What to make?

Simple is good.  I don’t want to wreck things by attempting a recipe beyond my ability. But I do want them to be special.

Finn’s favorites (until today, maybe) are molasses crinkles. So, despite the fact that I wasn’t quite sure I had a full quarter-cup of molasses (and the store was out), I emptied my jar and gave it a go.

Voilà, step one was complete.

Step two.  What do you pair with molasses? Peanut butter won’t do, and Toll House cookies seem better suited for less glamorous holidays. My pick this morning was Creamsicle Cookies (plain sugar dough flavored with 3/4 teaspoon orange extract and 1/4 teaspoon orange peel and colored with red and yellow food coloring, and white chocolate chips). I rolled them in white sugar to make them as sparkly as the molasses crinkles.

But will that be enough? Too many cookie types may seem silly on a single tray, but are two varieties enough? Do I have enough time to make a third batch?

Step Three. Cheat. Add chocolate to the tray to keep people interested.

Ho, Ho, Ho!  Merry Christmas.

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