Relevance and Choice, King Arthur Style

caramelLast week, someone I met at a party asked me what my blog was about.

Eager to convert him into a reader, I explained that the blog really isn’t about anything. It’s basically just a game I play on Friday mornings to see whether I can make a valid argument that the cookies I bring to work are relevant to the day at hand.

“It’s pretty hard,” I said. “You try to make chocolate chip cookies relevant!”

On any given day, is any cookie more useful than another? Is any more needed? Will any be more in demand with the eaters who pass by?

Today’s selection, like the namesake of its source, defies the odds and will be remembered (I hope) with fondness.

Today, on the first Friday morning of the New Year, many of us remain faithful to our ideals. Many of our desks are still fairly organized, our bills are reasonably up-to-date, our diets are mostly intact. Today, we still, many of us, anyway, persist in believing that we can influence our futures. Heck, at least one of us believes that cookies are relevant!

You bet I can do this! Today is January 3, 2014, and things are as they are intended, darn it!

Today’s cookie recipe came from the cookbook my son gave me for Christmas (King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion: The Essential Cookie Cookbook), and it was selected by one of the friends who came to celebrate the holiday with us. Since they’re both involved in the story, odds are reasonably good that at least two eaters will like today’s choice.

Plus, today’s cookies are not cookies at all!  Rule-breakers by rule, then, today’s offerings can be consumed by all. Newly resolute healthy types need not concern themselves with how to resolve the conflicted feelings they sometimes experience when eating cookies in the New Year.  Who ever heard of making a rule against little wedge-shaped butter cakes?

And, individuals who are determined to become more prosperous in 2014 will have their appetites whetted by the opulence of golden caramel drapery and glittery sugar.

Finally, folks who just want to finish the week knowing that they made a positive difference in someone’s life can stop to have a slice of cinnamon-caramel swirl shortbread and rest assured that they’ve made one happy baker much happier.

Happy Friday.

Come and get ’em!

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