Authentically New York


Good morning, Would-Be Cookie Eaters,

Today’s cookies are described in a cookbook that Robin gave me this week, which seems perfectly suited to me.

The book is titled Capitol Cookies, and its cover features a picture of “Uncle Sugar,” as I’ve heard the character described this week, staring directly into my eyes and holding a cookie close to his mouth.

“Munch your way across the U.S.A,” his subtitle commands.

Well… okay!  Let’s go!

I turned to South Carolina’s page first, but that recipe is about frosting crackers with with buttery pecans. I imagine the “cookies” would taste good. But the recipe is titled “Praline Grahams,” and that seems to be stretching the truth a bit.

Next I opened the book to Pennsylvania’s page. That recipe drew me closer: Sour Cream Drops with Brown Maple Glaze. Oh, man. That sounds great! But that recipe’s version of brown maple glaze calls for maple flavoring, and using flavoring always seems like cheating. Why not use maple syrup for maple glaze? Given last week’s experience with shortcuts and substitutions, however, I did not want to repeat the pattern this week. (Soon enough, you know very well that I’d be bringing Oreos to work every week and everyone would be all happy and addicted, and the demand for authentic Friday Cookies would evaporate. No way. I’m not going there!)

The third choice for me was New York’s representative. Long Island Steve had m-mm’ed enthusiastically over it earlier in the week, and I have all of the ingredients. Lemon Italian Cookies. It is only recipe in the book with a title that includes a geo-political reference. New York is now synonymous with Italy? Really? Cool. I can support that. This might work. Then the last line of the New Yorker’s statement about the recipe sealed the deal for me.

“This recipe came from a book that was written partly in Italian, so I feel sure these are authentic,” Ruth Benedetto brags.

Well if it feels real to Ruth of Albany, N.Y., that’s good enough for me.  Lemon Italian Cookies it is.

Come and get ’em!

Happy Friday

3 Comments on “Authentically New York

  1. I’m glad you chose Italian cookies. These lemon ones are very popular here in Sicily. You made me nostalgic for New York…I lived in the Bronx for many years.


  2. Come an get ’em? Oh, absolutely…I’ll go and hop on a plane right now:)


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