Do you believe in freezer magic?


Freezer-friendly? You be the judge.

Good morning, Would-Be Cookie Eaters,

This morning, I am traveling home from Cincinnati, where Coker College’s Enactus team advanced to the quarter-final round in the national competition and represented themselves, their projects and our college beautifully. I am really proud of them.

So, not wanting to leave you cookie-less on such a happy Friday morning, and drawing on every drop of personal flexibility I can muster along with some help from Dee Pierce, I offer you a compromise.

Today’s cookies are not freshly baked, but Dee has agreed to pull this morning’s batch from the freezer in Drengaelen House for distribution in Drengaelen and the Brown House. I baked them Monday morning, just before heading north for the Enactus exposition, and I used a recipe that was billed as the “best chocolate chip cookies ever” and “specially formulated for freezer storage.”

Hmmm. I’m skeptical. Of course, if the best cookies don’t need to be baked right before serving, then some might question the need for Friday Cookies at all.  Good grief.  What a lousy thought! Stop it right this minute. A girl has feelings, you know!

Anyway, I hope these cookies are good. In case they are and you’d like to know the secret behind the magic, here’s how the recipe differs from my normal recipe. The freezer version includes 1/2 cup of oatmeal (I used long-cooking oatmeal), 1/2 cup less flour, all butter (no shortening), an extra egg yolk, and I chilled the dough before I baked the cookies.  Also, for this batch, I threw in a 1/2 cup of chopped Belgium chocolate from Patti.

Happy Friday!

Come and get ’em.

P.S.  Thanks, Dee!



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