It’s not just who you know, but what!

20140425_073545Ladder-climbers in families and offices and institutions of every description have learned to maximize the indisputable benefits that can be accrued by knowing the right people.

But bakers know a similarly important truth. It’s icing that makes the cake. The extras — the acts of generosity or empathy or competent assistance — are what nurtures lasting, productive relationships. We know that it is what gets done that makes all the difference.

Today is “Board Meeting Day” at Coker, and so in honor of Bonnie Wilcox, the eminently capable executive assistant to the president, whose quiet, steady work has helped make board meetings and the college more successful, today’s cookies are peanut butter (one of her favorites).

The “what” that makes these cookies a little more special is the heavy coating of Hershey’s chocolate on each one. I hope you’ll love them. And if you see Bonnie today, I hope you’ll also be reminded of the many ways her work contributes to our community.

Happy Friday!

Come and get ’em.

P.S.  Today’s cookies will be in the Brown House and in the Library (since I won’t be in my own office much today).

3 Comments on “It’s not just who you know, but what!

  1. Those look delicious. Are those Grandma Bennett’s peanut butter cookies? I know my grands would love those. Have a good day.


    • Hi Connie. Yep… They’re Grandma’s. I probably should have let them cool a little longer before I coated them so that the chocolate could have set better, but they tasted great. … a little bit messy, but that’s what napkins are for, right?


  2. I am going to try this the next time grandchildren visit. I usually bake cupcakes or cookies. It’s cookies next time. They don’t look messy, they look so good.


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