Thank goodness for askers

may22014Those who stopped by Burry Park for “Taste of Hartsville” yesterday may not be in much need of extra sweets (or salty treats, or meaty treats, or much of any treats, for that matter) because the food was amazing and abundant.

This year, I baked 650 cookies for the Chamber’s event: pecan shortbread dipped in milk chocolate, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, white chocolate chip cookies with cranberries and molasses crinkles drizzled with white chocolate.

It was a fun event for me. I like watching folks decide what cookie is best. I like trying to influence their decisions, if I can. I especially like it when they wander back after a few minutes to snag two or three more. I like meeting new people at these sorts of events. Even brief introductions over a cookie or a pulled-pork sandwich are neat.

Flashing smiles, giggles over spilled tea or napkins blowing off of the table, hugs between people who haven’t seen each other for a few weeks, bright colors and good aromas, and live music with a beat that is just right for the fast crisscrossing across the grass that makes it feel like recess on the playground, the richness of community thrown up into the warm spring air like paper confetti for all to enjoy — this is my kind of party.

So this morning could have been a little bit of a problem for me. The morning after a big happy party, I am usually prepared to do some cleaning up, but not typically much early-morning baking. And, after doing so much baking yesterday, it’s hard to believe anyone needs my work today. But it’s Friday, and I have way too much ego and habit invested in Friday-morning baking to let it go just because some gosh-darned planners decided to wreck everything by having a fabulous Thursday evening community affair, for crying out loud!

Which is where my askers come in.

Yesterday, four terrific Coker College students (two from the Spirit Squad and two biology majors) stopped by my table (they stopped at all of the tables) to ask if I needed anything…napkins, water, whatever… I’d never met them before, so I took the occasion to tell them about Friday Cookies, and they responded perfectly. They seemed genuinely excited about it. But more than that, they requested that I make molasses crinkles today. How about that!? They picked my favorites. So today, not only do I get to make the cookies that I like best, I have the lucky knowing (instead of my normal wobbly hoping) that someone will be looking forward to getting them. As Martha Stewart would say, “It’s a good thing!”

Happy Friday!

Come and get ’em.



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