Celebratory Adjustments

riceTomorrow morning, we’ll hear seven perfect notes echo across Davidson Lawn from the Bell Tower to the gathering in front of Davidson Hall, and the parties will begin. Spring Commencement brings relief and joy to hundreds.

Some will see their next steps perfectly. They have carefully planned and diligently practiced for the work ahead. Others are committed to not being committed. They may relish the unknowns implicit in Commencement, seeing the ceremony as something of a license (if it were possible for freedom to be licensed) to enlarge the personal explorations they began years ago.

This morning’s cooking reminds me, in the most practical sense, that celebrations and living well demand flexibility. Speaking personally, I would say, in fact, that deriving joy from making adjustments can turn a cook’s work into a dream job.

This morning I’m baking for this evening’s reception for Coker College alumnus Chris Dawson, who is giving this year’s Commencement Address. I’ve been up awhile and now have six pies, two cakes, one cheesecake (which turned out really well, by the way), three batches of cookies and a batch of fudge. Needless to say, the oven has been booked all morning, and the house smells great.

But what kind of baker would I be if I let Friday Cookies slip just because I’m having a little party this evening? Today’s adjustment was a pure pleasure for me. The idea came to me at about half past six. I haven’t made rice crispy treats in ages. I had the ingredients in the house — even had over-sized jimmies — my stove top was available and so, lickity split, I have pretty treats fit for a celebration.

Come and get ’em!

Happy Friday


2 Comments on “Celebratory Adjustments

  1. Oh, my goodness, you did so much baking…I would love a slice of your cheesecake!!!


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