Wake Up, Eat, Play! Three Cheers For Summer’s Fare

Brown or Grizzly Bear, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.Good morning, Would-Be Cookie Eaters,

In honor of my 50th post (which is this one), I offer you a 50-word poem (with a 50-character blog-post title) and 50 very yummy cookies, divided equally between the Brown House and Drengaelen.

Happy Friday!

Come and Get ‘Em.

Spring ahead. Yes, you ought.
It’s good to stretch the day.
But when the sun beats hot
my friend, please waste not.

Momma Grizzly smartly taught
Lessons that worker bees betray:
Sugar calories melt like Kopp’s
When the summer sun beats hot.

So waste not.
Wake up, eat and play!

P.S.  The fabulous photo is used by permission of Janine Niebrugge, of Niebrugge Images, LLC, P.O. Box 1337, Seward, Alaska  99664, (907) 224-7280, www.wildnatureimages.com.

GrizzlysmallP.S.S.  Oh, wait! …I forgot to tell you about today’s cookies. Our friends at Kopp’s recommend “Grizzly Bear” frozen custard for today, a dairy treat that features butterscotch, milk chocolate and fudge-covered peanuts. Who would argue with that? Today’s cookies are my cookie-version of Kopp’s “Grizzly Bear” Frozen Custard. You’ll notice that I used Reese’s minis instead of fudge-covered peanuts.

2 Comments on “Wake Up, Eat, Play! Three Cheers For Summer’s Fare

  1. Calories melt in the sun? I’m glad to hear that. Now that the sun is finally starting to shine here in Sicily, we can all start eating sweets then!:)


  2. Barb, what will your eater’s do when you come home for the reunion??? Do they know about Oreos?


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