Silver and Stones

10492179_10203421499311771_4440462889916584758_nThis fellow knows what he’s doing. A consummate traveler, he’s seen a few things.

Sure, his plumage is a bit worn. Spring has passed, no doubt. But if the hot, dry season has taken a toll on his colors, it has not obscured his view of dawn’s bounty:

A cool morning drink. Nature’s hospitality elegantly presented on a pebble-jeweled sterling saucer.

I want to believe in gifts of the spirit. I want there to be sacred blessings, and I want them to be the sorts of things that whisper and meander, ordinary things that touch us so softly we don’t notice the gift as much as the benefit. And I seriously want to believe that hospitality is one of them.

chocolatechipI like believing that just as a muddy puddle is welcome refreshment for this dear robin, a plate of fresh cookies at the end of the week will be a nice treat for passers-by.

Today’s cookies are chocolate chip with white chocolate thrown in.

Come and get ’em!

Happy Friday.

P.S.  Thank you, Mike Brue.  Your photo, “Drink at dawn, south of Cody, Wyo.” is awfully pretty.

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