Independence Day Choices



So what if it’s a holiday, and the offices are closed!

The foundational principles of Friday Cookies, like so many codes, are well established in tradition. I bake cookies to take to work every Friday. I enjoy doing it, and my colleagues do well with the required eating.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been writing about each week’s cookie selection, and that addition to the tradition has proved to be enormously fun for me. I look forward to Fridays, not because work is winding down, but because Fridays afford me a personal opportunity to enjoy and engage with my colleagues.

So this morning, having the holiday fall on a Friday gave me mixed feelings. I’m happy for the chance to push working-day pressures aside and soak up the sunshine, linger with the newspapers, test the Pringles-can hot dog roaster I saw on Facebook last week. But the embarrassing reality is that I really want to make cookies for work.

Sadly, it took from 6 until 9 a.m., or so, for me to determine that holiday or no holiday, Friday Cookies could still be baked! Surely I could prevail upon my conscience for relief from the laws that I wrote for myself.

It is Independence Day, after all!

So I baked.

Free from concerns about finding a recipe that aligned with the culinary needs of my colleagues this morning, I decided to make a leisure-day, coffee-go-along treat that will work as well for this morning’s newspaper reading as it will for the base of this afternoon’s ice-cream sundae: Butterscotch shortbread.

(You realize, I assume, that no baker worth her salt can long tolerate un-gobbled baked goods. Like manna, if cookies are not eaten in short order, the goddess-baker feels bitterly rejected. I submit that this is not an idiosyncratic assertion, it is an obstinant fact of the universe.)

Sorry for the sermonette.

Today I hope you all enjoy a fabulous Friday, a Friday that is filled with encouraging ambitions and the company of your favorite people! As American as apple pie, and as heroic as the brave and thoughtful heritage that created this nation, Independence Day stands, for me, as a singular opportunity for us to follow our calls and be ourselves.

Happy Friday!

5 Comments on “Independence Day Choices

  1. Loved reading this post 🙂 I like it that you bake cookies every Friday for your colleagues! I guess that I will be someone like you when I go to work in a few years 😀
    Happy Friday!


  2. 14724 North Main Street Ext. NEEDS you; no one there remembers how to turn on the oven, let alone bake a cookie! I just read five or six of your entries. You are one clever woman.

    These butterscotch shortbread cookies look and sound wonderful. I hope you are well, Barbara Ann.


    • Milliken Avenue needs YOU, my dear! Just wait until you see tomorrow’s cookies. Bucky picked ’em and they have serious Pittsburgh connections! The oven here works beautifully!!! Folks here do, too. You’d love it in Hartsville!


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