Watery Revivals


Is water a stimulant or a depressant?

During these dog days of summer, when our hot Carolina sun encourages water particles to gather in the sky en masse… calling them to jump out of their calm puddles and lakes and crowd themselves into every nook and cranny the air particles have to offer… like a carnival barker tempting children to cram into an over-filled ferris wheel… “Yes, yes, we have room for another, from sixty feet up, she’ll look just like your brother…” I think I lose perspective.

I find my self rushing around, fussing like it’s December 23 and I haven’t started my shopping or my baking.

There’s not enough time. The season’s going too quickly. It’s almost August and I’m not ready for Fall. I’ve got so much to do.

Last Saturday morning, though, for some reason something a friend told me a few years back popped into my head, and so I headed out to Kalmia. He said (and I’ll not attribute the statement directly in case I’ve got it wrong)… he said that it’s easier to capture vivid colors in photographs if you’ll take them (the photographs, not the colors) on misty days rather than on bright, sunny days.

I don’t know if it’s true or not. And I’m not even a marginally good photographer. But I want some pictures of my own that I can use to create some thank-you notes, and there was a light mist falling intermittently, so I decided to test his assertion.

I took dozens of pictures, and I had a ball. The crepe myrtles and magnolias were beautiful. And I took lots of pictures of things that I’ll have to ask Mary Ridgeway, Dan Hill or Jen Borgo to identify. But, this particular picture of Brown-Eyed Susan’s (that’s probably not what they really are, of course), is the image that caught my eye.

To me it is a busy hubbub, a glorious, summery mess.

Seeing that daises can stretch themselves so thin amid beefy, woodsy plants of all descriptions and look as splendid as this, is pretty neat.

It makes it seem plausible that everyday cookies baked early on this sultry, Friday morning might be well received. They might be quite refreshing, in fact!

Today’s cookies are my version of daisy cookies: peanut butter blossoms from Grandma Bennett’s recipe.

Happy Friday.

Come and get ’em!

p.s.  You can expect to see flowery greeting cards about a year from now (I’m not a fast crafter). 

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