Chocolate Chip Cookies in the Brown House


There. I’ve said it clearly.

Today’s cookies are my standard chocolate chip cookies. No suspense. These are the cookies that go most quickly. No nuts. No raisins. Just plenty of butter, vanilla, (a little caramel), some sugar etc. You’ll like them, I’m sure. How could you not? They’re wonderful.

I hope they help to put the coming weekend on solid footing for you. Start off with a bite or two of chocolate and then move up from there. By the time the weekend’s done, maybe you’ll have enjoyed the company of friends, joined in an interesting conversation or two, wrapped up a project you’ll take pride in and dipped your toes into the refreshing water of a beach, a pool or maybe of a completely new experience.

However you spend your time, I hope you will see the encouraging moments as gifts meant especially for you, like chocolate chip cookies in the Brown House.

Happy Friday.

Come and get ’em.


2 Comments on “Chocolate Chip Cookies in the Brown House

  1. Thank you, Dee! Writers (especially ordinary writers) need readers and bakers need eaters… You help me out with both and I am really happy that you do!


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