White Out Fun


When this Pennsylvania/North Dakota gal hears forecasts about white-outs, she does not become nostalgic. When I heard the term this week, I was mostly incredulous. Really? I’d heard that a cold front was coming, but I’d thought South Carolina was going to be mostly on the good side of the line. Geez! I hate snow!

To my great relief, folks were talking about whiting out the stands — by means of fans wearing white t-shirts, mostly — during the first home game in the new DeLoach Center. I am a little embarrassed to admit that this plan was kind of exciting to me.

I liked Timberlake. It’s where I first started to get to know people when I moved here, now, nearly four years ago. It was too hot and too crowded, but it was a friendly place to watch the kids play. And Timberlake was where I started to get hooked on sports that I didn’t know. Before coming to Coker, football, baseball and hockey were the only sports I’d ever watched with any regularity.

But this week, I had the fun of seeing my friends and our students decked out in white, hollering freely for our women’s volleyball team. And I saw our team play well. And I had a salty, hot pretzel and a Hershey bar from the new concession stand, which is much more like a restaurant than a concession stand (how neat!). I had a ball.

skeletonI got to experience another first, too. This was the first time I’ve sat next to a white-t-shirt-wearing skeleton at an athletic event. Cathy Cuppett, the faculty mentor for our women’s soccer team, which also played at the same time as the volleyball team, was determined to be in two places at once. She gave her normally appearing self to the soccer sidelines and inspired a shiny white version of herself to sub for her in the DeLoach.

While I did not hear Cathy cheering, I feel certain she was with us in “spirit.”

So, in Cathy’s honor, I’ve made molasses crinkles topped with white chocolate.

Come and get ’em!

Happy Friday.




2 Comments on “White Out Fun

  1. Speaking of white outs, I remember you telling a story of ND. During a total white out, you were driving home on a road you knew was perfectly straight (as only a place that is flat unlike PA). You said that you just drove straight ahead even though you couldn’t see. I know a little about white outs in PA. They are no fun. I’m sure you don’t miss those. Here in southern Ohio, it’s not too bad weather-wise. The cookies look so good. I’m happy you are enjoying your life in the south.


    • Driving straight is definitely the key to success in ND white-outs. You may not think you know where the road is, but if it was under you when you started, and you don’t turn the wheel, chances are it’ll be under you when you stop! 🙂

      I am very happy here in the South, though. We have trees and seasons, but the trees tend to stay in the ground (we’ve not had a tornado here since I’ve been here), and the tough seasons are mild.

      Hope you have a great weekend, Connie! Thanks for reading and writing.


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