I Heart Hartsville

This week I’ve been reminded of why I like it here.

First, I had lunch at Bow Thai with my son yesterday.  Awesome.

Then, yesterday afternoon, I was lucky enough to take part in an annual event that Coker College President Wyatt hosts for new employees. A simple reception at his home, the event has become known as “Coker Culture” and involves legendary figures in our institution’s story telling their own personal stories about the College. Professor Emeritus of Geology, Dr. Fred Edinger, Professor Emerita of Biology Dr. Pat Lincoln and Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services Dr. Steve Terry were the storytellers and all of the rest of us were gathering up the treasures. It was wonderful.

Finally, a hour or so later, I joined neighbors downtown for the Concert on College. Terence Lonon and the Untouchables played classic Motown oldies in a terrific performance that was sponsored by Duke Energy. Main Street Hartsville offered low country boil, catered by Bizzell’s Food & Spirits. There was pizza and wine and little girls wearing sparkly tennies and way-grown-up children playing with hula hoops, and I had a ball.

Concerts on College Avenue’s last concert of the season, on Oct. 23, will feature blues rock group Skymonk.

Today’s cookies are intended to remind you of both old-fashioned traditions and of worthy temptations that may not be completely healthy. I made oatmeal cookies with milk chocolate chips and semi-sweet chocolate chips (and no raisins or cinnamon).


Come and get ’em!

Happy Friday!

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