Double, Double, Toil and Trouble You Not


As you know by now, I’ve made quite a habit of looking forward to Fridays.

But busy, busy Fridays are doubly interesting and, sometimes, doubly exhausting.

This is one of those.  It’s Halloween — my first one since the City added sidewalks and street lights to our neighborhood.  Will well-lit sidewalks bring more trick-or-treaters by? Boy, I hope so.

But the costumed children and their parents are many hours away. In just 45 minutes I will have the honor of helping to host our board for the College’s annual meeting.

The full board, including four new trustees, spent the day on campus , mostly in committee meetings, yesterday. Then, last night, we enjoyed a lovely evening with the board celebrating this year’s inductees to the College’s Lifetime Giving Societies at Prestwood Country Club.

As much as I like these occasions — I love them, actually — they are a lot of work.  I want things to go well, and, for that to be possible, there are many details that need tending. Knowing how busy a time it has been this past week has prompted several to ask me whether I would make Friday Cookies today.

Would there be cookies? Oh my goodness. Could they wonder?

Perhaps a terrible spell has been cast to sprout this doubt.

Will there be friends today? Will there be students? Looking forward to the weekend, will friends want to talk and laugh and tease each other? Will I not want to see it all and feel like part of the dance? Has the world turned inside out?

Whether the creation of a strange witch’s brew or of noble compassions stirred, temptations to believe that nature can be re-ordered by a busy schedule must be resisted.

Yes there are cookies!!! Cookies are no trouble, they are my pleasure.

Today’s cookies are double chocolate cookies frosted with milk chocolate.

Happy Friday!

Come and get ’em!



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