Homeward Best


Good morning, Would-Be Cookie Eaters,

Today’s cookies are better than most of my Friday Cookie offerings.

If I was a first-time patron at an upscale cookie and coffee bar in Boston, I would choose a plate of these. Add a pot of sweet dark coffee (the coffee Steve Marciano brought back a year or so ago from Costa Rica, comes to mind) and it would be Christmas.

Let the sun be just high enough to be turning the sky pale gray and toss a copy of the New York Times onto the corner of the large oak table I’ve selected by the window and I would be in Heaven.

Today’s cookies are special enough for that restaurant or for that perfect holiday morning, the one that feels so much like Saturday mornings on the front porch of my tiny house on Milliken. Today’s cookies use lightly browned butter, roughly cut Belgian chocolate, which Patti Mens (Gabe’s mom) brought to me this week, and are topped with a few sprinkles of kosher salt.

They are fabulous, like friends and travel and the easy comfort of homemade favorites.

Whether you are traveling this week or you are staying put, I hope your Thanksgiving is safe, restful and utterly scrumptious.

Come and get ’em.

Happy Friday.

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