Softly Forward


I started this blog two years ago, almost exactly.

I remember the afternoon well and fondly. I don’t recall what cookies I made that day (the post doesn’t tell), but I remember feeling especially privileged to be here.

My office then was upstairs in the Brown House, and it was a half-day before winter commencement. I’d gotten to know and appreciate quite a few of the students (it’s one of many pleasing aspects of being at Coker). Lauren Jones, a graduating intern with a big personality and oodles of charm, had stopped by to thank me for working with her that semester.

I knew I would miss her and I do.

But I also knew that there would be hundreds more, if I was lucky enough to stay.

This evening, we celebrate another winter commencement. This time it is in the beautiful new DeLoach Center, and the same lump in my throat is welling.

I didn’t originally intend for the blog to be about cookies. Cookies just remind me of the things I like, which are almost always sweet and soft, like butter and chocolate, like splendid oak trees and amazing moments.

Today’s cookies are double chocolate (cocoa and dark chocolate chips) with twice as many peanut butter chips as the recipe recommends.

Happy Friday.

Come and get ’em.

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