Magic in the Middle


I know I said I was gonna take a break from cookie-writing, but I’m in a jam. I woke before six, as usual. It’s Friday. I’ve got no assignments that have to be finished this morning (the college is closed, after all). I’ve got a kitchen-full of ingredients and an irresistible urge to make something. And so, you see I’m stuck.

It’s a crazy thing to have one’s hobby so connected to one’s work, but the plain fact is that baking and writing for people in my community is a lot of fun.

Today, even without having colleagues in the office, or a solid plan forward, I made a batch of fantastic cookies. It’s a new recipe for me, and, according to its title, anyway, it seemed a good match for the day.

I am reluctant to share the recipe, because it comes with a photo that doesn’t look anything like my cookies, but here it is:  King Arthur’s Magic in the Middles.

In my defense, please keep in mind that the hardcopy recipe I was using did not include a photo. Sure, the text did clearly instruct me to flatten each cookie with a glass before I baked the cookies, but apparently I didn’t read that step. It was an error of omission, committed wholly without malice.

The truth is, until I discovered the picture, I was thoroughly pleased with my product. I think these cookies look almost gourmet, like sugary, chocolate muffins. However they were supposed to look, or however others will perceive them, they taste great. Really yummy (like, like OMG good).

I wish Tiffany’s new coffee shop, Crema Coffee Bar downtown was open. If it were I would take a plate of these to her this morning to share with her friends. I think she’d like them.

So, although I haven’t yet solved the delivery part of today’s Friday Cookie post, the baking and writing parts have been fun. Two check-offs toward a most fulfilling Friday morning. Still have the “Come and Get ‘Em” part left to go.  Even so,

Happy Friday.

One Comment on “Magic in the Middle

  1. Don’t stop cookie writing!!! You are so good at it, & make what you are doing a clear picture in my mind. They look delicious, by the way. And, hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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