Not Half as Beautiful


Sadly, that scrap of folded paper in my purse—the one confirms my resolution to trim down and tone up in 2015—appears to be the only evidence that a change is ahead. To be sure, I can find no scale, tape or mirror that justifies my hope.

Nevertheless, a lovely line in the January 9th journal entry of a visionary leader offers me encouragement that no objective data can yet provide. The writer was a venerated man of charts, an individual whose confidence, skill and powers of persuasion influenced royalty and attracted significant wealth.

On January 9, 1493, Christopher Columbus recorded his sighting of three mermaids, which, apparently, he found “not half as beautiful as they are painted.” (On this Day in History)

Well, all righty then!

Belittling comment aside, the manatees he likely saw, a trio of snub-nosed gray cows weighing between 800 and 1,200 pounds apiece, were logged in as a group of mythical creatures known for feminine grace and beauty. Whether our self-assured journalist was seeing the world as he wanted it to be, or was just a man, like so many, blessed with special oblivion, his analytical confusion recorded for posterity makes me very happy.

Whether Columbus saw creatures that were half-sirens-half-fish or all-manatees, whether I’m size-this or size-that, I enthusiastically welcome the notion that such differences may escape observation altogether.

But let’s extrapolate a bit. Maybe the “blessing of oblivion” holds true for Friday Cookies, too. Despite being, as they often are, a little too flat, too puffy, too pale, too dark, too soft or too crunchy, every Friday Cookie, every single one, is baked for its eater. Each belongs wholly to whom it tempts.

To celebrate my very good fortune on this happy, happy January 9, I offer you Double Decker Confetti Brownies. Truly, they are not half as beautiful as the picture in my cookbook, but I hope you’ll love them anyway.

Come and get ’em!

Happy Friday!

2 Comments on “Not Half as Beautiful

  1. You are two for two this year…this post stikes a chord as well. I had the not entirely expected fortune to spend my holidays with someone “blessed with oblivion.” On the occasions (yes, unfortunately, there was more than one) when I could not find my own inner oblivion he gave me his. Unconditionally. Unapologetically. Unwaveringly. Of the many lessons we are meant to learn throughout our lives, it would be nice if this one stuck a little better – for accidental encounters, for ones we hold dear, and for ourselves…

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