Calling Hartsville’s Angels


Good morning, Would-Be Cookie Eaters,

I’m not sure how to say this without it coming out wrong. But here goes. I want you to see yourselves in your cookies. I know these particular cookies do not have nearly the charm that you have, and, seriously, your wings do NOT add 15 pounds to your hips, as seems to be the case for most of these poor gals. Look beyond. I need you to see them differently.

Please look past the silliness and the obvious cookie-cutter (and baker-caused) limitations, and find a smile, a heart or a pair of wings that suits your style. These cookies are baked for a good cause, which I hope you will support if you can.

Christmas in April, a program which has been improving neighborhoods by repairing homes in Hartsville for nearly 25 years, is seeking volunteers and financial support to handle this year’s mounting requests. Angels (like you) make the program work.

Ardie Arvidson wrote a wonderful article about the program that was published in Wednesday’s Messenger. Volunteers, contributions needed for Hartsville Christmas in April Project

If you can help (with labor and/or a contribution), or if you need help (or know someone who does), please contact Norm at the Chamber:  843-332-6401, Fax 843-332-8017, or In the meantime…

Come and get ’em.
Happy Friday!

P.S. To learn about the national Christmas In April movement, please visit Rebuilding Together.

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