If two are okay, why not a third?


Although I haven’t lived in Orange County since I was a baby (I moved to Pennsylvania from there when I was 14 days old), every so often I turn my attention to the Los Angeles Times or the Orange County Register.

Sometimes I want a first-hand account of something “Hollywood,” and sometimes I just want to read something that surprises me – like the story about the fellow who was threatened with crazy fines for painting his picket fence into a rainbow.

This week was one of those weeks when I wanted a surprise, and the LA Times did not disappoint. Luckily I was reading late at night rather than early in the morning or else my shocked self might have spit my coffee right at my computer screen.

Here’s the news: Girl Scout cookies are not the same the world over!  Seriously. Where you live determines which variety of cookie you’ll get.

What the heck? Really? Outstanding!

Last night at the Chamber’s Women in Business networking event, I met two of the Chamber’s newest members, Dana Spivey and Benita Jacobs of the Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina. They knew all about the fact that two bakeries supply the Scouts with their cookies and that the bakeries use different recipes for Thin Mints, America’s favorite Girl Scout cookies.

Dana explained that cookies for Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina are supplied by by Little Brownie Bakery and the cookies for the Mountain to Midlands Council are supplied by ABC Bakery.

Well, if the fine members of Girl Scouts can offer two varieties of Thin Mints, surely your favorite Friday Cookie baker can offer a third. This morning’s recipe, straight from the site of “Popsugar Celebrity” was fun (read messy, not easy) to make, and I think they taste great.

Since we are running into the end of cookie season (around here you may need to get your buying done by the end of March, if you don’t want to miss out) it’s a safe bet that you’ve already had the pleasure of scarfing down the annual treat. If so, you can judge for yourself whether the homemade version belongs in the picture.

If not, I hope you’ll find a scout or a troop or contact Dana (danaspivey@girlscoutsesc.org) who can help you get some before this year’s opportunity is past. If you prefer taking a more techie route, the Scouts have an app for that: Girl Scout Cookie Mobile Finder App.

And while our Girl Scouts have your attention, here are two dates worth putting on your calendar: Thursday, March 19 and Tuesday, March 31. On March 19, the Scouts will honor eight local women (two of whom, Denny Neilson and Joyce Shaw, are Coker College alumna) with the Mary Dean Brewer Women of Distinction Award at a banquet at SiMT in Florence. At 5:30 p.m., March 31, the Girl Scouts of Eastern Carolina will host an open house at First Presbyterian Church in Hartsville.

I hope I’ll see you at these events. In the meantime,

Happy Friday!
Come and get ’em!

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