Discarding Day-Off Protocol


We’ve been here before, you and I. In the day or two preceding these Friday’s when no one is expected to around because the office is closed, you (the best of you) ask me whether I will make cookies.

My answer typically wobbles, as I do, about the need to make cookies when odds are good they’ll not be eaten, at least not before noon as any good baker would expect. It certainly seems foolish to do such a thing.

But here’s the other thing. Friday morning, awake by 5, a cupboard full of baking ingredients, and a strong desire to connect to people–each of these things sends a signal to me to start baking.

And so I have.

Today’s cookies are snickerdoodles. I intend to take some to the Chamber of Commerce, some to the office (I need to catch up on some things this morning), and I’ll leave some at home in case anyone wants to stop by later.

Happy Friday!
Come and get ’em.

2 Comments on “Discarding Day-Off Protocol

  1. Afraid I got to your office before you did but since these cookies look so great — it is probably better that I did not get my greedy chance

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