Spring Treats for Today’s Shift


The first day of spring has nothing on me.

Sure, Spring is springing Earth and all, and that seems pretty important, but seriously, it smells fantastic in my kitchen this morning. Flat out fabulous.

In honor of the vernal equinox, I opted to forgo the namby-pampy pastels that have replaced the Valentines-y reds in my store’s Baking Center. These are college cookies that I’m baking, after all.

And, I don’t feel like baking in the saturated colors of Google’s Doodle today. It’s a rich image, but I want to give you a cookie that says something less nationalistic, something homier, something a little softer.

I want my cookies to play some music for you, and maybe offer you an invitation.

“Hey! Winter’s done. Come, sit on the porch and drink a cup of coffee with me. Enjoy this morning. If you don’t want to talk (I know it’s pretty early), that’s okay. Maybe you’ll read a breezy magazine instead of that darned old horrifying newspaper for a change. There will be plenty of time for our obligations.”

I want it to be Island Time in Hartsville. I hope you do, too, because this morning’s cookies are white chocolate chip with macadamia nuts.

Come and get ’em!
Happy Friday.

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