March S’mores, Sort Of


Good morning, Would-Be Cookie Eaters.

Today’s treats, masquerading as cookies, masquerading as Easter desserts, masquerading as s’mores, are really my stab at a fantastic-looking dessert I saw on Pinterest this week.

To prevent you from becoming discouraged from trying the Pinterest version, I’ll not link it here, but I will certainly share it with you, individually, if you like.

Buried beneath the way-too-thick layer of chocolate, brave souls will find two discs of Rice Krispie Treats glued together by a squishy layer of marshmallow frosting and a thin layer of graham cracker crumbs. Despite looking ridiculous, they taste great.

I hope you’ll stop by early so that most people will hear about them from your first-hand accounts, which may allow the image of the treats to recede into a distant memory. Plus, it’ll do my heart good to brag that they were gone by 10. An empty plate makes this baker (or in today’s case, this assembler) very happy.

Come and get ’em!
Happy Friday!

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