To Breath More Easily


Commencement is a week away. Good grief.

I would not wish away a moment nor begrudge the growth this moment represents. But I do. This moment seizes me uncomfortably.

Summer’s heat, its blazing blue sky is one of South Carolina’s best traits. I am so eager for those sweltering days that make ice cream cones as irresistible as they are impractical. Bring on the summer. And hurry, if you can!

But I do not like seeing people leave. I hate it. With graduation, I distract myself by thinking that this exodus is for their good and for ours. Another cohort of talented optimists will be leaving campus, and I’ve grown attached to them. But they will do good work, and we’ve had an important role in helping them achieve their goals. They will help create the future that we all will share.

In the first days after they leave, I’ll reorder my desk, wrap up the term’s paperwork, and I’ll wish they were here. I will feel lonely. I’m not prone to teariness, but I have a lot trouble with good-byes and most especially with the post-good-bye quiet.

For now, until the sun drops a nice warm blanket on this anxious damp air, I’ll turn to a standard comfort. This is not a time to dabble in risky experiments.  Today’s cookies are Chocolate Chip.

Happy Friday.

Come and get ’em.

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