Rounding UP


Decisions, decisions.

Next to conversations (which come next to baking and writing to inspire conversations), I am attracted to rationales. I am intrigued when perfectly moral people come to such different conclusions about the same information.

Okay. I know it’s as unlikely that people ever receive the same information as it is that they have the same daydreams. But, still, how can we similar people come to such different decisions?

Yesterday I heard about a quarter of a conversation about grading. “Do you round up or let the final average stand on its own?”

The exchange that followed dabbled into the issue of whether or not the grade was based on objective assessments or subjective ones.

Whoa, Nelly!

The math-professor-daughter in me knows full well there’s no less subjectivity in a math score than there is in an essay’s grade. (If you’re evaluating context here, I should report that my Dad’s information was as reliable as a fine oak desk, and don’t you be criticizing my desk.)

But wandering away from objective vs. subjective, let’s get to the heart of the question: rounding up or not. Do I want things to be fair?

Not on your life. I want softness. I want to be warm. I want people to be good and good to me. I wish it weren’t true that I’d lie, cheat and steal to get those things, but still. There must be some exchanges, right?

Right or not, I’m a round-up person, through and through.

A gesture of generosity that I treasure, and which has helped me since it was made, was a comment Harriett Lemke made to me the first summer I was here. Someone had told me about her cookbook and I was asking her what she thought was difference between her cooking and other people’s. Why were people so happy with her baking, in particular?

She leaned forward in her chair and told me it was simple.

“Add more of the good ingredients than the standard recipes direct. Blueberry muffin recipes,” she said, “usually tell you to put in one cup of blueberries. Use two. People like blueberries, so put them in.”

She smiled, and I took note.

Today, I’ve made two batches of cookies: molasses crinkles with white chocolate drizzle and chocolate chip with dark Belgian chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate and toasted pecans.

Happy Friday.

Come and get ’em!

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