Good morning, Glenda May


Nearly three decades ago, before I was addicted to caffeine and long before Words With Friends, I spent most weekday mornings drinking coffee and doing crossword puzzles with my first grown-up best friend.

Glenda and I played and talked for hours while our children did the same.

They built cities and forts and commanded armies of superhero figurines in epic battles that defined kingdoms. She and I settled complex issues of church and state and searched for six-letter words ending in ugh.

I miss those days. I could tell Glenda anything — she did not judge — and she liked my cooking. We were a good match.

This morning, in honor of lasting friendships that sustain us in tough times and entertain us in sweet everyday ways, I’ve made a double batch of my most popular cookies: chocolate chip with white chocolate.

Happy Friday, Glenda. Your half of today’s batch is in the mail, and a cookie puzzle for all of us is included below. (The answers are here.)

Happy Friday, all.

Come and get ’em!

Cookies Crossword Puzzle

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