Lazy Summer, My Eye


Today’s post, now two hours late, by my reckoning, seems in keeping with the lovely notion of summer hours. Oh, were it true!

Sure, today the temperatures are expected to rise to the mid-nineties and tomorrow we may hit 97. Children are meandering through my neighborhood on lazy-eight bicycle paths right in the middle of the street. The parking lot in front of my building is a little more empty today than it was a few weeks ago. School’s out and the wedding season has begun in earnest.

But a closer look on campus and in Hartsville reveals a fantastic hive. Bees busy themselves in the still, hot air of summer, and so, apparently, do we.  Check our schedule:

Today’s molasses crinkles, decorated with hurried blops of white chocolate, are intended to remind you of the old-fashioned pleasure of making time to go outside to play with your friends sometime during this beautiful South Carolina weekend.

Happy Friday!

Come and get ’em

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