Baked-In Bliss

weddingYesterday afternoon, the sky in Hartsville was the color of my tablecloth. Powerful storms were raging east of here. Our lights flickered briefly.

It felt to me as if the violence in Charleston was in the air. It was hard to concentrate.

On a quick errand that I had to run a little after 3 p.m., though, I saw a sight that made me breathe differently. You may think I’m making it up, but there were two gleaming white doves fluttering near the roof line of the new Hampton Inn. Against that rich, stormy sky, the birds were stunning.

June is wedding month. We generously celebrate the moment when two people commit fidelity to one another. It is an audacious thing, to be sure. So many marriages fail. But many do not. My parents managed it. They loved each other unconditionally, like siblings do, right to the end.

This morning, I haven’t found a peaceful way to understand this moment, but I believe we will learn to be more loving. Time and hope may help. Watching the examples of those who are peaceful and sweet, like my mom and dad, like my children, like two little doves, helps me.

Today, I hope you’ll take two wedding cookies (or more, of course). Enjoy the things that change your breath. Thanks, in advance, for stopping by.

Come and get ’em!

Happy Friday.

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