101 Reasons to Like Hartsville


Cookies are my sweet of choice for Friday mornings, but the twilight barking in Watson Theater last night was hard to top.

The dogs of London (along with parents, grandparents and friends in Hartsville) knew what to do when the puppies (adorable performers aged 5 to 12) were at risk. No Internet was required — yelps of every description rallied neighbors and brought an exquisitely evil Cruella DeVil to justice.

The Coker College Theater Program summer camp production of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians (Kids), ably directed by Associate Professor of Theater Phyllis Fields with energetic support of numerous members of Coker’s faculty, staff, alumni and friends, was a treat.

If you weren’t among the crowd last night (or even if you were), you have another chance to join in the fun. The cast’s final performance is 7:30 tonight in Watson Theater of the Elizabeth Boatwright Coker Performing Arts Center.

Until then, I hope you’ll stop by for some white-spotted treats (white chocolate chip cookies with macadamia nuts).

Come and get ’em.

Happy Friday.

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