What’s Next, Sweetie?


For starters, I urge you to hold on to your fillings and I’ll hang on to my day job.

Today’s window-pane stars are intended to draw a ray or two of morning light to the promise of the new year: Coker’s and Hartsville’s.

Last night (and, it’ll happen again, tonight), some sixty of Hartville’s talented young people put on a show in Watson Theater in front of an audience of about 400.

Judging from the applause, the production of Disney’s “Little Mermaid (Jr.),” the culminating work of a two-week summer theater camp, lived up to the highest expectations of parents and grandparents who are accustomed to setting high standards for themselves and their loved ones.

Sadly, my star-shaped sun-catchers did not.

It turns out that creating a culinary window on the future is kind of hard. I’m thankful, however, that here at Coker, the work of building promising futures by nurturing promising hearts and minds, is not a wait-and-see enterprise.

Every day, we are blessed with the present. Students, who obviously have so much promise, give each of us daily opportunities to engage. We ask questions, notice progress, and encourage each brave step forward.

I don’t know what the new academic year will bring — what scholarship will shine brightest, what courageous explorations will take my breath — but I eagerly await the show.

As for these sunny little stars on my plates? The cookie parts are pretty good. The melted Lifesavers in the middles taste exactly as you’d expect. The challenge is to keep your teeth intact while navigating the transition. You’re on your own, here, friends.

Best wishes!

Come and get ’em!
Happy Friday!

6 Comments on “What’s Next, Sweetie?

  1. They are very pretty. I read a letter your Mom wrote to cousin Carolyn last night. I collected a few containers that were residing at your sister Marian’s a couple of months ago that belonged to Carolyn (who lives in Florida now & may never visit PA again). The containers are filled with memorabilia that Carolyn gave me permission to look at & post pictures on the family group. The letter was very sweet. It was written when Bobbi Lytle was a baby. Aunt Bobby was babysitting her a few days a week when Chuck was teaching. It was before Marian moved back to PA, & not that long after Jeannie passed. Bobby sounded cheery despite what she had gone through. That is what struck me about the letter-how positive she was. You have that trait also. I’m sure you uplift many around you.


    • Thanks for sharing that story, Connie! I appreciate it. I love that you are pouring yourself into preserving the family and the many ties that bind us. Your posts are wonderful!


      • I have always loved family history. When Grandpa Bennett passed, Mom & Lillian were the only sisters in town. They had to clean out his home. They were going to throw away a lot of pictures. I took them & gave a lot of them back to the families. My reasoning was that the sibs gave Grandma & Grandpa 8 x 11 pictures, & there might not be many copies of those large pictures. I was called the family historian way back. I was only 26 when Grandpa died. So, I’ve cared a long time. Many of the pictures I’ve been posting on the family group lately are Carolyn’s. I’ve sent her one box & will little by little send her things to her. It costs a lot to mail so much, so I told her I’d spread it out. I love to read your Friday cookie blog. You are a very good writer, by the way. I’m jealous I can’t have some of those cookies. When I went to Marian’s to get Carolyn’s things, she made a fantastic dinner for Amy & me. She said she wasn’t a cook. Now, that’s funny, because it was all delicious. The Sherwood’s know how to entertain for sure. Have a happy summer.


      • Sweet! You’re family is ALWAYS gracious. Hospitality is a gift of the Spirit and you have a double-helping of it. 🙂


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