Doubly Lucky


I’m off today.

This is the final day of the first, full week of vacation that I’ve had in more than a decade. Whew. It has been fun. And, now I’m home, again, after a few days at the beach.

Folks seem to use that phrase here in exactly the same way as we when used to say we were “going to the lake” when we lived in North Dakota. Which lake? Didn’t matter. Which beach? I was never completely sure.

But the ocean did not disappoint. Neither does home.

Last night, after a delicious birthday dinner at Bizzell’s, I dashed out to the car — it had just begun to shower. Home about a minute later, and not wanting to go into the air-conditioned house in my still-damp dress, I poured a glass of red wine and sat on the porch to listen to the rain in the warm comfort of my own little house.

I do like it here.

In honor of the double blessing of living in Hartsville, which is so close to such nice vacation spots, I’ve made double chocolate chip cookies, drizzled in milk chocolate.

Happy Friday.
Come and get ’em!!

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