Blessed are the Peacemakers

Today’s cookies represent a bit of compromise. Walker Barfield asked me to make chocolate chip cookies, “everybody’s favorites,” he said.

Sure. That makes sense.

But today is a special day. I want to be be among the many who appreciate it. I’m certain Walker would want that, too.

This afternoon (from 4 to 6 p.m.), hundreds of children will pour into the Coach T.B. Thomas Sports Center to enjoy the annual Back-to-School Bash organized by Davita Malloy.

Hot dogs, chips, and school supplies will be in ample supply. There will be fun music and dancing. Striker, the Cobra’s Mascot, can be counted on to help lead the Electric Slide.

But more important, by far, to my thinking, is the fact that dozens of community members will share heartfelt good wishes with our children. Angels among us, our students give us purpose. They are so sweet. So pretty. So interesting.

We think of peacemakers as Children of God, because we can’t imagine higher praise.

This afternoon, as I wish the students well, and encourage them to study hard, and maybe even learn to line dance (finally), I hope I will also keep in mind the building in which we will be playing.

I did not know Coach Thomas, but what I’ve learned about his legacy tells me that I missed knowing a fine, fine person.

Ardie Arvidson’s 2014 piece about it from the Messenger is well worth re-reading if you hadn’t seen it.

“He saw the bigger issues,” (Tony) Floyd added. “He was a forward thinker and a peacemaker. He always found a way to get people to work together.” [Read the article here.]

Modifying Walker’s chocolate chip cookie request in light of this afternoon’s focus on children, today I’ve made M&M Cookies.

Happy Friday.
Come and get ’em!

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