Let the Chips Fall, Perhaps, But Don’t Double Down


This is board meeting week, but it’s not just any board meeting. October is when we have the annual meeting of the board, and it’s when we host orientation activities for new members — a crazy-busy time. Add to that, the fact this week we moved to having a paperless board meeting (mostly paperless).

So perhaps my foolish question last night at dinner could be forgiven. I hope so, because the price of my sin will be paid by today’s cookie eaters.

Over my many years of cookie making — hundreds of Fridays and a good many Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays — I’ve learned a bit about cookies. Split the fat between butter and shortening, add a cap-full of caramel flavoring to chocolate chip dough, don’t skimp on signature ingredients like chocolate and pecans. And there’s one other. Chocolate chips go first. The chips that are most likely to be out of stock at the grocery store seem always to be chocolate chips. On a dessert buffet, the cookies that will disappear most quickly also seem always to be chocolate chip.

This is the cookie I know best. It’s the one I can make in my sleep.

So perhaps I can be forgiven for blurting my foolish question last night.

“Adam, what kind of cookies should I make for the morning?”

Adam is a dream student. He earns great grades, makes good conversation (he’s involved in everything), and he’s getting ready for his study-away experience in Spain next year. He’s charming and smart.

Surely he could be relied upon to provide some week-ending stability. Right?

Wrong. His response was quick and devastating.

“Strawberry cheesecake,” he answered.

Goodness! I don’t know how to do that. I don’t have strawberries in the house. I don’t have a tested recipe. Rats!

Unfortunately, the moment’s decent soon steepened.

Unsettled and daunted, but silly from no sleep, I cheerfully whined about my predicament to others including the president and Jamez, another student.

Jamez agreed with Adam. “Yes, I vote for strawberry cheesecake,” he said. And, the president, trying to rescue me, became insistent. “I need you to make chocolate chip,” he directed.

Ooooh… that hurt. He is the president, and he seriously likes chocolate. But I’ve got a reputation to uphold. Let people think you’re afraid of a little challenge and your goose is cooked!

So, after dinner, and after returning to the board room to set up for today’s meeting, I went shopping for strawberries and lemons and white chocolate.

And this morning you have two choices: “OMG White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies” (a 5-star selection that Google made for me) and plain-old ordinary chocolate chips cookies made the way I’ve made them for a zillion years.

Come and get ’em!

Happy Friday!

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