Thankful Times


Happy Friday, all. I hope it’s happy for you, and that the day goes well, but should the day feel otherwise, I hope you’ll lean on the month for relief.

November is by no means the most charming month. Weather-wise it may be the least. And it’s not a time that is free of burdens. The demands for year-end spending are overwhelming to many.

But it is a time when we tend, for one reason or another, to gather ourselves and our blessings and take stock. The bounty of food, friendships and opportunities to be of use take center stage in November.

Students will be coming to my office next week to help out (and by help, I really mean to do the whole thing themselves) to call every one of the Coker’s donors to thank them for their support. I am glad they are, not only because we need donor support, and because we need to make sure that donors know they are appreciated, but because I need the focus that students bring to my work.

I saw Adam Coyle in the Post Office yesterday. He’s one of the students who’ll be calling. We talked about cookies (the strawberry cheesecake cookies from last week were his idea) and we talked about next week’s Thank-a-thon. But the real value in the conversation for me was the simple blessing of an opportunity to smile and laugh with a friend.

I believe in our cause — that education is transformative — and in our promise — that Coker is succeeding in its work — and in this community, which our cause and our promise are helping to create.

For these things, I am deeply grateful. Why did I make chocolate peanut butter cookies today? Because I haven’t made them in awhile, and because in taking stock of my blessings, I discovered a very happy fact, which I’d completely forgotten. I had peanut butter chips in the cupboard!

Happy Friday,
Come and get ’em.

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