By Request. An Excellent Idea


Good morning, Would-be Cookie Eaters.

Today’s cookies, by request, are chocolate chip. The requester is Andy Burkemper, Coker’s new director of leadership and entrepreneurship initiatives. I expect you’ll see him everywhere on campus, but his office is on the second floor of Davidson Hall.

Lest you think him forward for making a request before his first week is completed, let me explain that his request was solicited, a discussion-based discovery of the most collegial nature. I asked and he asked in return.

I read some time ago that great laws are discovered, not created. The assertion posits that the writing part of lawmaking is simply a effort to keep the record straight.

It’s a pleasant thing to have a request fulfilled, to fulfill one in return and, in the process, to discover a common interest. This is at the core of my work, of course (more so now, than ever), so it’s lucky for me that it is satisfying. In the case of baking cookies early in the morning, having someone select the cookie flavor for me in advance is a big time-saver.

I imagine that asking questions, finding answers and connecting the resulting discoveries to people’s practical needs will be at the core of Andy’s work as well. Leadership and entrepreneurship — drawing solutions from the threads that connect our experiences and helping others tap the courage to do the same — will involve enough questions to keep any roundtable enthusiast happy for a good long time.

Welcome aboard, Andy. Coker is the place for you!

Oh… the cookies… chocolate chip… In honor of our newest colleague, this morning’s cookies have milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate and Patti’s Belgian dark chocolate.

Happy Friday!
Come and get ’em!



One Comment on “By Request. An Excellent Idea

  1. Thank you for such a warm welcome, Barb! The cookies, and your post, were wonderful. I look forward to many more Fridays. My family and I are very excited to be a part of the Coker and Hartsville communities. Take care. – Andy B.

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