Last time.


I don’t like goodbyes. I hate them. But it’s not nice to avoid them, either.

Although I’ve continued to bake cookies every Friday (I’ve been baking on Fridays long before I was writing about baking on Fridays), I’ve skipped this blog for the past couple of months.

Just too busy, I tell myself. And, it’s true, sort of.

The truer truth is that the game of identifying why today’s cookies matter, as a way of personalizing why today matters, has become less entertaining to me than it was when I started.

Today matters because it is everything. My friends, my family, my community… this moment with you is the world to me.

Today I’ll talk to my friends. I hope they stop by for a cookie. But if they don’t, I’ll find them on the sidewalk, or at The Crema, or in an office, or a classroom, near a tree, in the car pulling up next to me in the parking lot… They are everywhere. Our friends.

Will this be the last time? I don’t know.

That’s why it matters. This day will be sweeter than a cookie and gone in a blink, and I’ll want another.

Back to the goodbye part. I intend for this to be my final Friday Cookie post. I’m noodling with a new blog, Three Dawn Night, which will be about people who pour themselves into three things that interest me greatly and that seem inextricably connected: education, community development and economic development.

I hope you’ll read the new blog when you can, but in the meantime, I’ll remind you that today is Friday!

Happy Friday.
Come and get ’em!


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