Days Gone By


As anyone who knows me knows, this morning’s cookies are my favorites: molasses crinkles with white chocolate. They remind me of my dad and my grandma and of Finn and Cathy and Jess and Meg. Excellent people, every one — hardworking, kind and smart.

As anyone who knows me quite well also knows, I’m not crazy about photographs of loved ones. Images of moments long gone or recently gone, these pictures remind me of what is no longer present. And in too many cases, that information is heartbreaking.

This week, though, as we were fully moving into the new house, repositioning photos from the walls of Milliken Street to the new place on Weatherford Road was one of the final steps. While the photos still bring a pang, the hurt is not as cutting as it was once. If I’m honest with myself, I must note that the images I believed I couldn’t face also usher tender feelings that I need to embrace. I am blessed by the learning and by vehicles that bring learning forward.

Today’s cookies, my tribute to yesterday and to the grand personalities that have touched me, are sweet and old-fashioned. They have three kinds of sugar (white, brown and molasses, and that’s not counting sweeteners in the white chocolate) and they have three warm spices (cloves, ginger and cinnamon).

Three cheers for days gone by. They introduced me to this soft, warm Friday morning!

Happy Friday.
Come and get ’em.

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